Edward scissorhands outsider essay

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Edward scissorhands outsider essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. He lives in a gothic manor situated on a hill on the outskirts of a suburban settlement. Peg Boggs, an Avon saleswoman, had no success selling her make-up in the neighbourhood so drove up the hill to the eerie manor to try and sell some.

She ascends the stairs in the manor; black and white are the predominant colours we see inside. She finds Edward sitting in the corner; she is non-judgmental of him and only wants to help so takes him down to her house to live with her, her husband Bill, their daughter Kim and their son Kevin.

At the start everybody in suburbia welcomes Edward but towards the end they all reject him because of his disability. The opening credits create a strange atmosphere for the viewers. The music has ominous undertones and suggests that the film is of the fantasy genre.

The low-key lighting with a blue filter creates a mysterious, ominous yet slightly comic mood. Burton does this because he wants two contrasting genres; the horror and the fantasy. The first thing the viewers see after the credits is the huge gothic manor on top of the hill.

The image of the derelict mansion we see is very dark and cold nonetheless a light on means there is a sign of life within the castle.

Edward Scissorhands Essay Sample. Edward Scissorhands () is a gothic, fantasy genre film directed by Tim Burton. The film is heavily influenced by Mary Shelley’s, Frankenstein; a science fiction novel about a gruesome ‘monster,’ who was cast out of society and isolated from others, but also the Frankenstein myth in general. Edward Scissorhands Genre Essay The most appealing films are those that keep audiences guessing, surprise them at the most unexpected times and break conventional film boundaries. Edward Scissorhands () directed by Tim Burton, is a feature film that does exactly that. Revolución Artística Femenina- Una historia secreta (!Women Art Revolution- A Secret History) Lynn Hershman Leeson, EUA, ¡ Al fuego, bomberos! (¡ Hori, ma panenko!.

The camera then draws back into a warm room and the light has gone from a blue filter to an orange. A grandmother is sitting on a rocking chair reading a story to her granddaughter who is lying in an oversized bed opposite.

The enormous bed and the rocking chair can both be attributed to the fantasy genre. This shows Edward is a real person because he has a name. The mythical music we hear can also be accredited to the fantasy genre.

The camera flies out of the affectionate home and the high-angle crane shot pans over the snow covered suburban community. Burton does this as he wants to show us a broad view of suburbia and how perfect it is.

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All the houses in suburbia are very close together and yet there is one lonely mansion at the top of the hill. Afterward we see Edward and the camera pulls back over his shoulder. First we see the grandmother, and then we see Edward.

Edward scissorhands outsider essay

He is missing the town and is longing for companionship. The town is perfect and almost looks false, for instance the colours of the houses are very sickly and insipid.

That implies that the moral of the story is timeless. Our ideas are immediately turned around by Burton.

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Peg is trying to sell her make-up in suburbia but is having no success, she is very irritated. This is very effective because we can again see Burton has attempted to contrast the two different genres. Peg then drives up to the castle and the music gradually becomes threatening because Peg is shaking with fear.

She is extremely nervous approaching the gate to the manor. There is also a worms-eye view of the castle to show how big it is in comparison to Peg.

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Burton uses this technique because it shows the viewers how vulnerable Peg is. The gate is then opened by Peg and the music surprisingly changes from intimidating to cheerful.

She is in shock. His beautiful garden — which is full of vibrant colours — contrasts to the gardens in suburbia that are extremely bland. Peg moves stealthily up the steps to the antiquated door and it creaks as she opens it, she leaves the door ajar and walks in.

The dark, low-key lighting inside the castle creates a very cabalistic atmosphere; Burton draws the viewers in to make them focus on Peg. A high-angle shot of Peg makes her appear as a potential victim. Burton creates a dilapidated castle as he wants it to differ from the faultless houses in suburbia.Related Documents: Edward Scissorhands Essay Outsider The Outsiders Essay The Outsiders Plot Ponyboy Curtis, a member of the greasers, a gang of poor East Side kids in Tulsa, leaves a movie theater and begins to walk home alone.

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It is a story that intends to display the problems of today’s society from an outsider’s point of view. 3 For even Christ pleased not himself; but, as it is written, The reproaches of them that reproached thee fell on me.

How is Edward portrayed as ‘the outsider’ in the film Edward Scissorhands? Essay Sample

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Edward scissorhands outsider essay

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How is Edward portrayed as 'the outsider' in the film Edward Scissorhands? | Essay Example