Coke pepsi learn to compete in india essay

Direct Store Distribution DSD theoretical account — In this theoretical account there is no jobber or distributer in between company and retail merchants. The company sells merchandise straight to retail merchants mercantile establishments from warehouses. Indirect Market theoretical account — The company has sub-categorized this theoretical account into.

Coke pepsi learn to compete in india essay

The major disadvantages regarding the competitive structure of the market lies in the fact that there are so many other competitors and options such as water, coffee and juice to compete for the same consumer.

Competitive advantage — the aggregation of factors that sets a business apart from its competitors and gives it a unique image in the market. In terms of core competency, PepsiCo seeks to achieve a unique ability to: To translate these core competencies into a sustainable competitive advantage, Pepsi Co.

Within the soft drink industry, a major trend to capitalize on is healthier soft drinks. The market for healthy soft drinks is huge and growing among American and international consumers alike. Along with a large market, many opportunities have arisen due to recent technological advances.

New research has brought to Pepsi a lower calorie sweetener than aspartame allowing for an even healthier diet drink.

Also technology on the Internet has revolutionized the promotional process. By using banner ads and keyword ads, Pepsi Co.


A final factor that is providing an ideal situation to introduce a new product is that consumers are tending to eat out more often due to the fact that economically, income is high.

This will help to increase the company sales of beverages to restaurants. All of these positive industry factors combined create an exemplary context in which to launch new healthy soft drink products.

Segment the market One of the most important principles of marketing involves identifying, and understanding, the needs of particular groups of customers. This concept is called segmentation. How the Pepsi segment the market, and analyze the customer?

Coke pepsi learn to compete in india essay

These are detailed in the three focus areas below: Current markets — expand brand and flavor, increase customer awareness through promotion, coupons and in store displays.

New markets — healthier soft drink market and target ethnic groups. Initially these new products will be introduced on college campuses as test markets then will be distributed nationally within 2 months and distributed globally within 2 years. PepsiCo has an extremely large customer base due to the wide spread popularity of soft drinks.

It is therefore necessary to segment the market and look at particular trends in the soft drink market. There are two key trends in the soft drink market, which are the growing demand for healthier soft drinks and the mostly untapped market of targeting ethnic groups with specific products regarding their interests, shown as following table.

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Trends in the soft drink market Trend Information Healthier Drinks Ethnic Marketed Drinks How to grow this segment Need to attract men and a younger audience without excluding females Target the each specific market with products and advertising designed around their wants ex.

Though, in order to target specific markets, PepsiCo divides the target market into the following market segments: Consumers under the age of This is when PepsiCo is marketing to a younger generation.

These potential customers still live at home with parents. They rely heavily on parents to purchase the product for them.Ethics on - Management, Other types - WriterSamantha, ID - Coke and Pepsi Learn to Compete in India ; Reflection 2; Cyber Security; The Things they carried MLA Essay College Essays Essay Help Essay Writing Service Write my Essay Paper Writing Service Write my Paper Accounting Paper Business Paper Engineering.

Coke and Pepsi are huge players not just in following brand design trends but in setting them. Further, branding is a dangerous game. Each evolution of a brand can either result in neutrality, which seems like a waste of money, improvement or a decline in the eyes of the public.

REV: MAY 2 6 6, DAVID B. YOFFIE RENEE KIM Cola Wars Conti inue: C Coke an nd Peps si in 10 Fo or more than a century, Co oke and Pepsi vied for “th hroat share” o of the world’s s beverage m market.

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For the sake of the Coke-Pepsi Social Presence Showdown, what we were really interested in is the conversations comparing the two products.

Searching specifically for chatter mentioning both “Coke” and “Pepsi” painted a picture even more partial to Coke. Coke and Pepsi Learn to Compete in India Read the “Coke and Pepsi Learn to Compete in India” case study then answer questions.

You should utilize the information in the case study as well as secondary sources to support your answers.

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